Product Development

Snap IT Solutions has delivered world-class Outsourced Product Development for more than a decade. We specialize in mobile, web, and cloud software applications. Additionally, our deep expertise and partnerships with leading partners, enable us to effectively integrate custom applications with your existing enterprise environment.

Snap IT Solutions business analysis teams bring extensive industry-specific expertise to fully capture both the vision and business requirements for the software product. Our technical analysts consult with your teams to propose proven yet innovative approaches for achieving the performance, functionality and interface requirements. And Snap IT Solutions UX design teams ensure the UI is intuitive and efficient for achieving business goals. Snap IT Solutions employs a global delivery model that provides optimal value and superior quality for its clients.

Service Offerings
Product Development Methodology

Snap IT Solutions applies several development methodologies including v-model, waterfall model, and agile scrum-based. The specific methodology for an individual client is decided based on the customer’s preferences, the nature of the technical and business requirements and the involvement level of the customer in development.

The following chart highlights the standard development phases included within all methodologies.

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